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Robert Krawczyk - Metallic Mesh Mandalas - Art for Sale

Metallic Mesh Mandalas - Art

These mandalas are based on the simple geometric definition of "mandala"; from the Sanskirt for circle. A mandala is a complex circular design intended to draw the eye inward to its center having symmetrical and radial balance. These mandalas are constructed by computing individual points along Fermat's Spiral at a constant radial angle. The seeds placed along this type of spiral have the same pattern as found in daises, sunflowers, pineapples, and pine cones. By combing a series of spirals, mirrored around the horizontal and vertical axis, a secondary set of patterns begins to emerge. Even a slight variation in the placement angle generates a great variety of unexpected patterns. The final enhancement is the shape and rendering of the seeds. Seeds of differing shapes and overlap are placed along a composition of Fermat's Spirals to form a mesh mandala. Zoom in to see the incredible detail of these pieces.

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